Is It Absolutely Necessary To Have One Medicare Supplement Plans?

The modernization of the world has a drastic effect on our lifestyle. This poor standard of lifestyle leads to many health-related issues from a very young age. But a person who is still working may get medical benefits from the company they work for; what about the people who have taken retirement from work and is at the dusk of their life.

Every one of us has a medical insurance which protects us when we fall ill. But there are certain expenses that Original Medicare does not cover and it has to be paid from our own pocket if we do not have a Medicare Supplement plans. The work of this supplement plan is very simple and straightforward. They just work in supplementing that additional expense that our Original Medicare Plan does not cover.

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A person who is planning on buying this plan must understand that they do not cover the medicinal cost or the payment of prescribed drugs. Actually, the criteria to afford one Medicare Supplement plans are very clear, the person must be insured under Type A and Type B insurance plan. They just assist in paying that extra amount and cannot work as a stand-alone insurance.

Types of Medigap Plan:

There are 10 categories of Medicare Supplement plans but E, H; I and J are no longer sold by insurance agencies. Since these insurances are provided by private owned agencies, they can be used outside the boundaries of the United States.


There are certain expenses that Medicare Supplement plans do not cover. They do not cover the cost of long-term illness, hearing or visual aid cost and private nursing services. There are many people who confuse Medigap Plan with Medicare Advantage Plan. The work of the Advantage Plan is to enhance the Original Medical Insurance.


A person who owns a Medical Advantage Plan cannot have a Medicare Supplement plans at the same time. The person must either let the advantage plan run out its period or drop that plan and get Medigap Plan. There is a time period known as Medical Supplement Enrolment Period when a person can purchase a Medigap plan from any privately owned Insurance Agency.

There is a slight disadvantage in this Medigap Plan regarding the number of people covered under one plan. One Medigap Plan covers one person at a time. So, if you are thinking of ensuring your family member under one plan it will not be possible.