Medicare Supplements Vs Advantage Plans for Seniors

The health insurance options for persons who are on Medicare can be very puzzling. For persons signing up for Medicare for the first time, the period is three months before the month in which they reach the age of 65, until the end of the third month after the month in which they reach the age of 65 Anyone wishing to enroll in a Medicare Supplementary Plan or Benefit Plan can do so without worrying about medical conditions. If you attempt to register after this open enrollment period, you may be refused admission to a Medigap Plan and may need to wait until the next annual Open Admission Period for an Advantage or Prescription Plan, which runs from November 15 to 31 every year.

Remember that there is no condition to register for Advantage, Prescription or 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plan. However, if you choose not to enroll in a prescription plan, if you are eligible, and you do not have another credible prescription plan, you must pay a 1% penalty for each month you wait to sign up for such a prescription plan in the future. The penalty of 1% will be added to the cost of a basic plan. Also note that the penalty is payable for the rest of your life.

The following is important for those affected by their access to affordable health insurance and the most appropriate health plan. If you choose to receive an Advantage Plan instead of a supplemental plan, you may not be able to change a supplemental plan when you develop a medical condition. The only thing that gets you on a supplemental plan is if your Advantage Plan was eliminated or aborted for some reason other than your own making or if you were in the Plan Service area for your current Advantage Plan. Take off plan. This is very important to note, as an Advantage Plan may become more expensive and some of you may restrict health insurance options. It is recommended that you go with a supplement plan instead of an Advantage plan, if possible. Remember that RX coverage is not included in supplementary plans.

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For persons who just do not have the requirements to enroll for Medigap plans, there are available HMO plans in most areas that now offer zero cost options. I’m not to supportive of HMO plans, however, if you do not have the resources, it might be the right choice to make. Take not of the limitations applicable to your HMO plan and whether or when you can leave your network of doctors and hospitals.

For the over-65s in Michigan who are planning to change their health plan, this year could be a good time to return to the supplement plan as many of the private service plan fees in Michigan for 2011 were canceled. Most insurance companies are on non-network plans from doctors or hospitals to HMO and PPO plans. If your plan has been eliminated, you can return to supplementary health insurance.