Unhappy = Unhealthy; What to avoid

Unhappy = Unhealthy; What to avoid

Well everyone wants happiness but a few of them do not understand how to be. They crib and complain about everything surrounding them and expect situations to become normal. But sadly, it doesn’t work that way. And far worse is being unhappy, it has a direct effect on your health. If you remain unhappy for long, it starts affecting your mind and then your body.

Here are a few habits that you can check and correct:

  1. Thinking of past: They always think of the past and hold themselves back. They don’t want to move on and are comfortable dwelling in the past. They never understand that no one’s past is perfect and remembering those unhappy memories or failures will give them nothing! Whatever happens in their present, they think that the failures in the past are the only reason. It may be true but they don’t try to change it.
  2. Thinking too much of future: looking too much forward in future may upset you. You may think of something and start expecting that to happen to When it doesn’t, you get upset. This habit of thinking about future every time in every situation ruins the present. Better concentrate on the present and build your future, rather than thinking about it, expecting it and getting upset.
  3. Complicating things: In today’s world, we tend to complicate things too much. We fail to understand the fact that we are the ones who make life complicated. Life is simple and it is in our hand to either let it be simple or make it complicated. Life is not easy to sail through, agreed. But, it isn’t as complicated as we make it.
  4. Comparison: This is one important reason behind unhappiness of people. You compare yourself with others and generally with the ones who are better than you. This comparison will obviously lead to disappointment and hence unhappiness. You need to understand that everyone is special and unique in their own ways.
  5. Money: Last but not the least. Money is one reason why everyone is unhappy. We focus too much on money that we forget how to be happy. We tend to become more materialistic which don’t give a long-term Instead of focusing too much on money, we should focus on other things which life gave us.

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Well, as you know health is wealth. Rather than thinking about things you do not have, you should focus on things, which make you happy and have a positive effect on your emotional and mental health.